Monday, September 24, 2007

My first blog

Technically this isn't my first blog, seeing as I've had and maintained an xanga blog for over four years now.
But here I am in college and I've found that I might as well make a new blog that is more accessible to people other than the only friend that reads my xanga.
College. It sounds so grown up, yet I hardly feel that old. I've been gone over two weeks already but it still feels like I'm just away from home for some sort of summer camp (despite the cold weather). My roommate, Heather, is beyond amazing. I feel as if I've known her for ages, which is a wonderful. My other three roommates are really fun, though we don't hang out much. I know Shalee the best, and then probably Shelly followed by Kelli. Over all, the five of us get along really well. It's fun. We goof off and make fun of things.
As for Idaho and how I'm liking it? I love it here. It's getting a bit chilly for my taste, but it's fine, I can deal. The campus of BYU-Idaho is amazing. I love the size, the style, the landscape, the location. I love it. The gardens are wonderful Heather and I went there last week and took a whole bunch of pictures. It was really fun. We have tons of fun together no matter what we do.
Last week I reeeally wanted to go to the swing night that BYU has every Wednesday. I wanted Heather to come with me, but she didn't want to go all that much. BUT, being a great friend and roommate, Heather came with me. It took more coaxing to get her to actually start dancing and learning, but she did! And, surprise surprise, we left Swing Kids when it ended and Heather had fallen in love. There's a boy named Ryan who she met there and she's completely smitten. It's really cute and fun to watch her talk about "the pretty dancer boy". And now she wants to come to every Swing Kids! This is good for me, considering the guy I like is going to be there.
Speaking of Elliott, he's amazing. Well, he's not perfect and I don't know a whole lot about him (yet) but thus far I'm pretty stoked for this 'crush'. I'm sure there'll be more about him later. As for now, I'm off to study for my Anatomy& Physiology exam.

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