Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Allow me to say that I adore my roommates this semester.

This doesn't mean I don't adore Randi or Heather or even Eryn any less, just I really have had a great semester and a lot of it I attribute to my roommates. I hesitate to say this is the first time I've gotten along with all of my roommates, but it's definitely the one semester where we've gotten along the best. There's been a few times when we've butted heads and there are a couple things that could be made better, but it's mostly awesome.

These girls are outgoing, adventurous, and just so easy to talk to. We all goof off and have a good time every day. I love them.
I love my classes, they're great.
I like having a boyfriend at school. He encourages me to do well and we get to spend time together and it's just nice. I like snuggling.

I love this semester

Me, Madison, and Christie.
Photo by Kiersten


Heather Lynne said...

*sigh* I'm jealous. And I miss you.

The New Hampshire Transplant said...

I am kinda jealous too though not as jealous as the Kunz simply because geographically speaking, i'm a whole lot closer.