Monday, January 18, 2010

Ring in the New Year

I've become a pitiful blogger.

However, I did have a momentous week last week as far as culinary school/baking goes. On Tuesday I not only bought knives (!!!!) but I also made my first (fake) fondant cake! I decided to make a fake cake for a couple reasons. 1. I've never worked with fondant before, so I figured it'd be easier to ruin a cake rather than styrofoam on my first try. 2. Fondant is gross. 3. I've been toying with the idea of starting a cake business (in the future) but instead of making complete wedding cakes, making a couple fake tiers with a real one on top. Something like that. So yeah, this was good practice.

It took forever and a day to roll the fondant out the right size, since it kept tearing when I tried covering the bigger block, but I got it right (after I hacked 3 inches of styrofoam off the block...) and I managed to cover it alright. I have some work to do as far as covering a cake and making the sides look smooth without excess fondant, but for a first try, I'm content. I even got some fake flowers to put on the cake! Ribbon, too.

Not bad, eh?

As far as life goes, it's fantastic. I spent New Year's in Las Vegas with twelve awesome friends (in one hotel room) and it was way more fun than I anticipated. For New Year's Eve I spent most of my time with Allen, wandering the strip and soaking in the sights. We even got awesome masks. It was awesome.

My knives.

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miriam said...

let the record state that i came up with the idea for fake cakes. because i am also awesome.