Saturday, February 20, 2010

A tale of iPhones and murder

I bought a new phone last September and I was soooo excited because it was a sweet sliding texting phone. And it was green. Uber cute.

I loved it. Until it started being the worst. phone. ever. But I dealt with it for a looong time because I didn't have enough money for a new phone, even though an iPhone was soooo tempting and I wanted one soooo badly! I got the lame phone replaced THREE TIMES in a week period or so. Still the same problems. It froze all the time when opening and closing, it connected the audio on phone calls maybe 35% of the time, the rest of the time I had to just wait about 15 seconds before I could hear anything. I hated that phone.

So, with the help of my brother's upgrade and a refurbished phone, I bought a 16GB 3G iPhone for $100. Yeah. Amazing. I love it. It's my best friend (sorry girls.)

So last night I went to an institute party (twisted taco night) and we played twister and pool and ping pong and it was all around a blast. Eventually we started playing Werewolf, which is like mafia, and this kid Eric and I totally dominated.
That game lead to about 3+ hours of playing murderer in the dark. If you've never played that game, just know it's played it a completely dark area and you walk around and "kill" people by tapping them on the shoulder and then people find "dead" bodies and the lights come on and you accuse people. It's fantastic. We've broken a lamp at my house playing it before.

WE played until about 2:15 AM. It was epic.

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