Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am happy

Recently I've spent a good amount of time reflectin on being an adoptee. It's a big thing in my life which is obvious, because I wouldn't be where I am if I hadn't been adopted. Sometimes I completely forget that I was adopted and other times I remember that there is a whole other family out there who knows my name and knows what I look like and they think of me as part of their family. It's a bizarre situation to be in.

I've read a few books on adoption and I've browsed through several message boards of adoptees sharing their experiences and feelings. It's painful and hard for me to read these things. So many of these people are unhappy with their lives and with the decisions those brave birthmothers made. It's frusterating that hardly anyone feels the way I do.

That being said, I want you all to know how very happy I am. I'm where I was meant to be. I have the family I am supposed to have. I'm very grateful to my birthmother for making the hardest choice of her life to give me the life I need. I'm also grateful that my birthfather supported her in making that decision. My being part of the Packard family is the greatest blessing in my life. I am happy.

Me and Stefanie at our first meeting. May 2007

Our most recent meeting. March 2008.

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bird said...

I, too, am grateful you're a Packard. Who else would have slept with me all of those nights when I was afraid?