Sunday, September 14, 2008


This semester almost ALL of my professors have decided to post the homework assignments online. In addition to posting them online, they are to be turned in online. My spanish teacher even found a website that allows you to record things and then leaves the recording in an 'audio dropbox' where she can access them. It's handy for the professors and makes grading things and recieving them simple. However, with the internet as it is here is as sketchy as it is and with iLearn (the school's teacher-student connection device) only working half of the time, homework has suddenly become much harder to complete.

For hours on end iLearn has been inaccessable today, disabling all of my roommate from being able to access our assignments. I've done as much as I could without going on iLearn, which has been a fair amount, but that still leaves me with a couple assignments half done, just not turned in. It's really frusterating.

I know it kills trees, but can't we do homework on paper? Paper can't shut down or stop working.

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Michael Ross said...

i agree. we've got a similar system, called blackboard, which has become the bane of my existence. =/