Saturday, September 6, 2008


I've got most of my things unpacked and everything in my new room (Randi's old room) have been rearranged and it feels like my room and not Randi's. It feels good. I'm quite happy with it.
The roommates of Tuscany 133 this semester are Amanda, Heather, Shelly, Taylor, Tory, and Emily. I don't know Tory or Emily very well, but so far they seem pretty nice. I'm excited for the new semester. Beginning a semester here is a new start completely open to new friends and new classes and experiences. It'll be fun and interesting an I'll probably grow up a little bit more. The friendships I have already will become better and the new ones will add to the long list of good friends I have here.

Looking back on my first year in college, I have to say that this has been the best year of my adolesence. I've made the best of friends and I've experienced so much responsibility and independence and I love it. It's been awesome. BYU-Idaho has been awesome.

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Michael Ross said...

good luck this semester! i wish i could come visit you, but alas, i don't know where idaho is. ):