Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Truck Adventures

I've been told by my mother that I need to blog more often. So here I am, blogging.

Tonight I went over to Carly's house. We ended up having one of the best nights I've had all summer. We built a jacuzzi in the bed of Danny's old truck. We used a huge tarp to drape over the whole bed and then we used buckets to fill it with suuuper hot water and then we used the hose to cool it down. Also, we used dish soap to create incredible bubbles. It ended up being me, Carly, Nathan, Brandon, Chad, and Christoper. With six young adults in the back of the truck, it was pretty cozy. There were a lot of feet in the middle. No personal space whatsoever. We played with the bubbles and the 38 glow sticks we had and then Carly's parents took us for a drive through the neighborhood. Do you know how hard it is to stay sitting up on a wet, soapy tarp in the back of a truck? Super hard. We were slipping and sliding and sloshing all over. Arms and legs and feet were going everywhere. We lost over half the water, which was the point of driving around, but it was still so fun. A couple of their neighbors saw us and gave us weird looks. I don't really blame them. It's rather unusual to see a truck cruising around with people in a home made jacuzzi in the back. So freaking awesome. We finished off the night by rinsing the bubbles off in the sprinklers at the school across the street and then swimming in Carly's pool. It was so fun.

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Randi Quillon said...

That looks like so much fun! I want to do it! Manda, I miss you! Come to Virginia and visit.