Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taking a Risk

So there's this board game called Risk. It's a pretty heavy duty strategy game all about world domination and playing every turn in the very best way you can, since one mistake can turn the fate of the whole game. Obviously, it's a pretty masculine game, it being about conquering the world and all.
Well, last night I was planning on going to play volleyball, but it turns out volleyball is next week, no this week. Instead, the guys came over and we ended up playing this game. It was me and four guys, Jonny, Jeff, Jason, and Robert, playing and then Rick was overseeing as "Zeus". Risk kind of helped me out a bit, but most of it I was going to do anyway. He had to talk me out of a couple things, but over all, I did pretty well. I'm the champ at rolling. The boys started calling me Lady Luck. I think I'm just good at rolling.
In the end, it was me and Jonny going head to head. I won. I'm proud of myself, even if they did do a couple stupid things that lead to my victory. I still won.

It's about time the world had a female dictator.

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