Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Love

My roommate Randi has introduced me to lacrosse. And I really like it. I'm fairly good at it, too. If I get good enough, I'll buy a stick and play in the games they're having this semester.

My birthday was really fun this year. It was relaxed, but still the best. Randi, Heather, Megan, Taylor, and Lauren from across the hall (she's practically a roommate she's here so much) took me out to dinner at Craigo's. They have the best BBQ chicken pizza ever. After that we went back to the apartment and had cake (it was an amazing cake) and cider and watched the office and Lost. My friends Vickie, Jenn, and Chris came over too. Earlier in the day flowers, a teddy bear, and a balloon were delivered for me from Stefanie and Shawn. It was a nice gift. Over all being nineteen doesn't feel very different.

Being another year older makes me almost nervous. I had another friend get engaged yesterday. She doesn't turn nineteen until the middle of June. That's four friends who are within a year of my age getting married this year. I suppose when I get married is in my control, but when I fall in love isn't. It scares me more than it should. Especially since I haven't really been dating any returned missionaries. But still...

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