Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Weekend

Quite possibly the best weekend in a long time. Although it was overcast and rather chilly the whole time, it was worth every penny.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time with Sam. Because he's a nerd, he did all the math.
You were here for 89 hours.
Of those 89 hours, we were together for 35.96%.
Of those times we were together, we were alone for 45.31%.
Of the times we were alone, compared to the entire time you were here, it was 16.29% of the time.
You were awake for 60.5 hours. You were awake 67.98% of the time here.
Of those 60.5 hours, you were with me 52.89% of the time.
Of the 60.5 hours, you were with only me 23.97% of the time.
But it was so fun! We watched movies and went to the dodger game and got soaked in the rain and we played board games and went to in n out and played guitar hero. The best.

Two months left here. The weather is awful. Midterms are this week and next. It's going soooo fast!

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