Sunday, November 9, 2008

Preference 2008

Last year for Preference I went all out and asked Elliott with a note in jello and we dressed up for the theme and it was just oh so adorable but this year was a little different.
I asked one guy, he bailed to go on another date. I asked another guy, he was going out of town. I asked yet another and he said yes, but since I mixed up the dates, he ended up not being able to go. That's when Eryn intervened. She set me up with one of her friends who, oddly enough, is in my home singles ward, but he had some army activity come up so he couldn't go. Eventually, the day before the dance, Eryn set me up with a guy named Anthony from her dance class. I'd met him once before at the Halloween dance lab, so I was okay with going with him. Actually, by that point I was okay with going with anyone.
On Saturday before the dance Eryn and I made pasta and vegetables along with sparkling cider and french bread. Anthony and Hernan came over and we all ate and joked around and experienced exploding pie pans.
The dance itself was really fun. Anthony turned out to be a fantastic dancer and we pretty much owned the floor with our waltz, foxtrot, salsa, and cha cha. Near the end of the dance the DJ finally played a tango and we did really well with that one, too.
I had so much fun. Anthony was a complete gentleman and Hernan and Eryn had a blast together. So fun.

Edit:: I am in love with that last picture. It was an accident.


bird said...

anthony looks nice! and i like that last picture, too. and seeing all of those pictures of hernan makes me miss him.

The New Hampshire Transplant said...

The shoes were what made that dance so freaking amazing. It was all the shoes...