Thursday, November 20, 2008


My sister tagged me.

the rules: fourth photo from your fourth folder. (to clarify, since I was really confused with this, the picture is to come from your Pictures folder on your computer desktop)

I have only a few pictures in my Pictures folder, I keep most of them in an album of pictures from this semester. I'm posting the fourth photo from both folders, since I couldn't choose.

This one is from our FHE activity during the week of Halloween. This is James, our FHE group leader and myself. I carved tiny little pumpkins with a travel sized box cutter and James carved his pumpkin into an eye. Later, we set a tray of lighter fluid in his pumpkin and set it aflame. It was a very boy thing to do.

This is Joe. We were on our way out to the location to film our western dance for the movie and he decided to sleep on the way. He slept the entire way, even when we went offroading through a field and some hills. I was impressed.

I'm tagging: Heather, Eryn, Randi, Melissa, and Hernan


bird said...

i too am impressed. with both the pumpkin on fire and the super sleeper.

Melissa said...

is the melissa your talking about me?! haha