Thursday, May 21, 2009

You can dance with every guy who gives you the eye, let him hold you tight

Being home for the winter without ballroom dancing made me forget how much I really love dancing. Also that I'm pretty good at it...

This year I'm taking two dance classes. International Standard Beginning and International Latin Beginning. They're back to back every Tuesday and Thursday. 7:45-10AM. In dance heels. It's really early and a really long time to be wearing my dance shoes, but it's so much fun. Next week I have a test in both classes. In standard we're doing quickstep and in latin we're doing cha cha.

Quickstep is really fast and there are some guys who take huge steps all the time and by the end of the dance, I'm completely out of breath. It's fun, though. It's tricky with lots of technique, but it's awesome.

International cha cha is so fun. I love it. It's super fun and we're learning a lot more technique than in the social dance classes. The guy I'm testing with always taps out the beat on my shoulder blade before we start dancing. I pointed it out to him today and now at the start of every dance we bust up laughing. It's great.

I love dancing.
I missed it.

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