Friday, July 2, 2010

Live Well

This week was a hard one.

Last Saturday via facebook I received the news that I girl I know had gone missing. This girl, Kiersten, isn't anyone I know very well. We've only hung out a couple of times together in a group, but we still know who each other are. So you'd think that on Monday when her body was discovered at the bottom of a cliff it wouldn't effect me all that much, but it did. I was at the beach when I found out and suddenly I wasn't enjoying the waves crashing on the sand so much. I felt the gloominess of the grey clouds looming overhead. I was ready to leave.

On my way home I was told that one of my previous boyfriend's father had just passed away from an unexpected heart attack. When I got home, I went into my mother's room and just cried.

As a consequence of these two events, I've found myself thinking a lot about the fragility of life. I've found myself having little bursts of tears at the most random of times. The time we have here is so limited and precious. I have a renewed vigor for life and all the things in it. I've taken the time to appreciate my job and school a little more. I've tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to be more patient with my brothers. I want to take advantage and do all those things I've dreamed about.

I'm taking the time to live well and enjoy it. You should, too.

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