Friday, July 30, 2010

There are no good quotes about spiders

I feel like my fear of spiders is completely over the top. For awhile there I was doing really well with them and I could bring myself to smash them with a shoe or even do the cup and piece of paper deal and dump them in the toilet. But did that last? No.

I've gone back to screaming, at the very least gasping with vigor, whenever a spider is found. The spiders that I find in my room aren't even all that impressive. They're these small sized spiders than seem to live in the grout in my shower (and won't go away no matter how many times I caulk the grout) that always appear full grown. They lurk under the ledge of my counter, the corner by the bathroom, and under my shampoo bottle. Once I found one hiding in my loofah. Worst shower surprise ever.

Tonight I went out with some friends after going to the temple and I drank about fifty glasses of water. By the time I got home I had to go to the bathroom like none other, so I raced straight there. Then I glanced to my left and there was this HUGE SPIDER just chillin on the wall RIGHT next to me. Just chillin! Like, "Oh hey, you're peeing? Drink a lot of water, did you? Awesome. I'M A SPIDER!"

I screamed. It ran away. I've since barricaded my bathroom door with towels so there's no way that perverted thing can creep into my bed tonight.

Spiders are disgusting little creature bug things that have way too many legs and way too many eyes and the way they move is outrageously creepy. I've had too many awful runins with spiders for my fear of them to be ever done away with.

Arachnophobic I am, arachnophobic I shall stay.

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