Saturday, September 11, 2010

Case of the Ex

Ex boyfriend is a funny term. Funny in the sense that the whole relationship you have with this person has, often times, pulls a complete 180 going from being intimate and adoring each other to, more than likely, a catty disdain for one another.

When I think about all the guys I've dated and where I stand with them now, I'm almost overwhelmed with how many of them I'm on good terms with. Not just I-Don't-Mind-That-You-Exist good terms, I'm talking Let's-Chill-This-Weekend kind of good terms. I can safely say that I would have no qualms with hanging out with pretty much every guy I used to date. Except two, but that's a different story.

Last night I was going to a party at a friends house and I knew it would be a pretty relaxed thing, complete with food, pool, and video games. Before leaving the house I happed to have a conversation with a guy I dated briefly in high school. I haven't really seen him since, save for a few super awkward drug store run-ins. On a whim I invited him to this party, thinking he'd decline, but I felt bad that he was staying home on a Friday night. Of course he didn't decline. Even better, the party consisted of the host and his girlfriend when we got there. I was a little uneasy, since this was one of those ex boyfriends where it had potential to be super awkward but it could also be just fine and I wasn't sure which way it would go.

It was fine, it was fun, it was relaxed.

I don't know why I seem to get along so well with the majority of my ex boyfriends, but there's something relieving about that. It's nice to not have that animosity towards people and to know they don't feel it for you.

After all these years, it's nice to know that's not there.

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