Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh that Ozark Princess

I had this dream last night in which I wanted to move in with some girls into an apartment in Salt Lake City. It was pretty big, with a nice balcony outside and a big open kitchen. I was stoked. But then one of the girls told me about the Ozark Princess.

Apparently there was some curse that had been put on my friend and she was being haunted by this ghostly princess. The creepy looking ghost was able to open any sliding or swinging door at random. She'd swoop right out at you, stick her face in yours, and let out this terrifying scream. You were't allowed to open your mouth fully, you had to keep your teeth clenched while addressing her, otherwise she's rush into your body through your mouth and torture you. It was actually pretty vivid and frightening to watch. I remember thinking, "But doesn't your mouth end up hurting if you clench your teeth all day, every day?" But it's okay, the ghost didn't like oranges.

If you ate anything orange flavored, you'd be able to open your mouth and not worry about having your soul invaded. Together the roommates and I stuffed the freezer full of orange Popsicles and hunted down all the recipes for orange rolls and bunt cakes and muffins we could find. Then I went in my room and made sure A) I had a healthy supply of orange skittles and orange mike&ikes on every surface available, and B) That my doors were not sliding or if they swung, that they had good, strong locks. Then I lived in the apartment and had to face the Ozark Princess with clenched teeth daily. It was terrifying.

But, in reality the Ozark Princess came from a short independent film I was in. I got an email yesterday saying they want to send me a copy of the finished product. I'm not sure how that all translated into evil ghost who invades your soul, but doesn't like orange popsicles...but it made for an interesting dream, that's for sure.

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belles said...

That's completely incredible. And it puts all of my dreams to shame. Love it though, especially how detailed it seemed to be. :D and how you lived in a haunted apartment anyways.