Monday, January 9, 2012

“Water is the only drink for a wise man"

I made the goal last November to quit soda for the month.  I think I lasted until the 29th when I got this drink called Purple Stuff because it's kind of the "it" drink in my apartment.  This semester, I'm quitting soda for the whole shebang.  That's right, no soda, no purple stuff, no carbonated water for this girl until April.  That is, if I decide I don't want to extend this.  

Water is the bomb.  I can't get enough, especially here in Rexburg when I never feel hydrated enough.  Bring it on.

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Charlotte said...

You can do it! Nick tries to do that every once in awhile too because if it's around, he'll drink it. Which is why I don't buy it. His record is two months. So there, a mini goal to beat on your way something to aim for.