Monday, January 2, 2012


  • Culinary Certified.  I'm so legit.
  • Compliment of the year at work.  An old man in an ascot told me my smile is worth millions.
  • Sam returned after two excruciatingly long years
  • Reapplying to BYU-Idaho.  
  • Job hunting
  • Starbucks. They hired me.
  • Gs and Gents.  The sickest dance party my house has ever hosted
  • Hot tub nights at Jayson's
  • Devastation and Katie Roberts being there to comfort me
  • Rendevouz
  • The birth of my niece, Kate!
  • Night on the town with the Ladies at Club BANG!
  • Monster shots
  • Heartbreak and the realization of a long illusion
  • Farewell to Brookstone...again.
  • Six Flags pass!!!!!!
  • Heather's WEDDING.  She's MARRIED
  • Hockey games, TV shows, late nights at Erik's
  • Forgetting
  • Birthday games of twister
  • D-Box theater and Pirates 4.  What a fun night
  • Pajamas and parties
  • Overly active social life
  • Freddie putting up with my cheerful face every.morning.
  • Afternoon naps in the sunshine
  • Midnight trips to the beach
  • Hannah moves in!
  • Freddie and Lorretto sharing me.
  • Zumba dancing in my living room
  • Dodger Baseball, all you can eat dogs.
  • Glow in the dark party a mi casa
  • Duke's with Stefanie.  What a perfect evening
  • France: It's a dream
  • Whipped cream battle of epic proportions 
  • Cliff jumping
  • The day Freddie made me cry at work.  NOT FUNNY
  • Purchasing my longboard.   It's so beautiful..
  • Monterey trip, complete with penguins, clam chowder, and more exotic cars than I've ever seen before
  • Farewell Starbucks, it was a great ride.
  • Moving back to Idaho.  I followed my gut, it was the right decision.
  • Trips to the caves and dance parties (gross!)
  • AWESOME Roommates
  • Rockin' classes
  • Conference Roadtrip.  So much fun.  So much traffic...
  • Erik's visit: straw maze, dance party, games, Big Jud's, Mesa Falls...
  • My first real asthma attack.  It was terrifying
  • Zombie Apocalypse.  It happened.
  • Nights spent with the 411 guys.  
  • Walking Dead Sundays
  • Friday night sleepovers of awesome
  • The cold.  It happened.
  • Thanksgiving at home!  What a wonderful trip
  • The best pie crust recipe ever.  It's made with lard, so it HAS to be good
  • Skrillex and Christmas decorating.  They go hand in hand.
  • Completely on a whim making one of the best decisions I made all semester (Justin, that's you)
  • Finishing the best semester of my life.  Straight A's for this girl :]
  • Study parties on campus.  It's where the magic happens
  • Provo adventures with Carly Jo
  • Finishing off the year happier than I started it, with more to look forward to.

I said many times that 2011 would be my year.  For the most part, it was.  I think it was an introduction to the rest of my life.  

Hello 2012.  

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