Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dear Rexburg, it's going to get cold

Last night I was looking at the weather forecast for the next ten days herein wonderful Rexburg, Idhao.
Six of the next days have been forecast with snow and cold cold weather. I am not looking forward to this. But actually, it's not going to be too bad. I'll be here for just one more week after Saturday and then I get to go home to Sunny, Warm California! I'm so excited for Thanksgiving break. I am SO excited for Thanksgiving break.
On another note, Elliott responded on Monday. I came home from dance feeling very irritated because he wasn't there and I was just in a bad mood and then I saw a big pack of double stuffed oreos on our porch...and a note that said, "I would be OVERSTUFFED to go to Preference with you!!!!!! Elliott Dennis". And then I was all happy and giggly. And apparently we're going to the dance in togas. The theme is Famous Couples in History and Elliott thinks wearing togas would be fun. Soooo we'll see!
Another guy in my dance class, Aaron, has asked me to dance a swing routine with him for som Mr. BYU-Idaho pagent his ward is having. We got together on Monday night to learn some lifts and drops and it's so fun! I can now do the candle stick, the L drop, and a backflip! I'm way stoked about this...

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miriam said...

the lifts sound fancy!see if you can get someone to videotape the performance, i'd love to see it!
i'll totally go see the golden compass with you.