Saturday, November 3, 2007

I've slacked in updating.
Alright, this past week seemed soooo long, probably because Halloween was in the center.

Last Sunday Heather and I bonded with our roommates! We spent a good two or three hours just taking pictures on Heather's Mac and it was amazing

Top to Bottom: Kelli, Shalee, Kelli, Me, Heather. We're awesome.

Earlier on Sunday Kelli and I were listening to Queen's song 'Fat Bottom Girls' and we decided it would be funny to become fat bottom we did...and it was amazingSunday night we continued to bond when me Shelly, Kelli, and Heather finished watching 'Titanic'. It's a good movie, I have to admit. At the end of it, we were all just sobbing. It was very girlish, but still really fun. I really like Kelli and Shelly. Shalee, well, she's always talking to her boyfriend on the phone so she never really does anything with us. Oh well, Kelli and Shelly are still awesome. Next fall we want to room with them again!

Okay, the date last weekend with the RM. It was really fun! We went and picked out pumpkins and then carved them and watched 'The Princess Bride'. And here Miriam, is a picture of Adam

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