Saturday, November 3, 2007


I've slacked in updating.
Alright, this past week seemed soooo long, probably because Halloween was in the center.

Last Sunday Heather and I bonded with our roommates! We spent a good two or three hours just taking pictures on Heather's Mac and it was amazing

Top to Bottom: Kelli, Shalee, Kelli, Me, Heather. We're awesome.

Earlier on Sunday Kelli and I were listening to Queen's song 'Fat Bottom Girls' and we decided it would be funny to become fat bottom we did...and it was amazingSunday night we continued to bond when me Shelly, Kelli, and Heather finished watching 'Titanic'. It's a good movie, I have to admit. At the end of it, we were all just sobbing. It was very girlish, but still really fun. I really like Kelli and Shelly. Shalee, well, she's always talking to her boyfriend on the phone so she never really does anything with us. Oh well, Kelli and Shelly are still awesome. Next fall we want to room with them again!

Okay, the date last weekend with the RM. It was really fun! We went and picked out pumpkins and then carved them and watched 'The Princess Bride'. And here Miriam, is a picture of Adam

On tuesday night we went to the Haunted Mill with our FHE group but all my roommates chicked out! I was soooo scared but Elliott said he'd come with me. So we went and I even got to drive Shalee's car since we needed it. I was stoked about driving...but so scared of going. In the end it was so fun and I'm glad went, so it's all good.

L to R-Top: Alicia, Cody, Taylor, Chase
Middle- Amy, Eryn, Me, Hilary, and Mary
Bottom- Elliott, and Sam
I donno who the two guys on the right are

On Halloween after we picked up my costume, Heather and I went to the Gardens for a costume photo shoot. These two are my favorites of me

While we were there these two little girls called to me saying, "Hello Belle! Hello!" And then they came over and talked to me.
And they wanted to take picture with me. I felt like I was at Disneyland! It was sooo cool

Here are the roommates!
But that was before we found Heather's costume of incredible awesomeness

Me and Carley Clayton, the Disney Princesses

We found newsies!!! You have NO idea how excited we were to find them. They're pretty.
Me dancing with the Tooth Fairy...gooood times! Hahaha, Matt Wood is amazing
Matt Wehle was a kissing booth! I got to kiss his face with lipstick...
And then the roommates in our final Costumes.
Ninja Turtle, Optimus Prime (tranformers!), Pirate Wench, Robin, and Belle.

It was a good Halloween week.

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miriam said...

firstofall, dancing elliot isnot the cute. the newsies, however, are.
secondly, that costume is amazing and i had noidea you looked so much like belle. you really do.
third of all, i'm glad you like halloween and your roommates and i'm gald you had fun.
thank you for updating!