Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What, am I living in a library?

Two weeks after moving back into our home, we're still in the thick of unpacking. There are boxes stacked in almost every room (my room is piled with them) but we're slowly tackling this huge task. There's more than enough room for all of our stuff, it's just taking a while to actually pull our act together (okay, my act together) and unpack.

Today we attacked the living room and the boxes of my parents books. We have built in book shelves covering one whole wall of that room. Twenty shelves. These shelves are now designated into sections (yes, like a library). We have Religion, the Literature, a shelf of art books, and then the History books with the few extra literature books mixed in, and then the last section is philosophy. We have a lot of books. Oh, and the books in the living room? Yeah, that's only the hardbacks. We still have twenty more shelves to fill in the family room, and who knows if all of the extra books plus the kids books will fit on those. Good thing we have about ten unused bookcases sitting in the garage just waiting to be brought into the house to be filled with countless pages of words.

My parents have more books in their room. My brothers have some books of their own in their room. I have more books than I realized. For the past nine months I've been ordering books online and going to Barnes and Noble and Borders all the time to get books to read, when I actually have a ton. But of course, all my books were packed away. I forgot how many I had. Now I have more books than any other girl my age that I know (except for Natalie, she has more books. That's because she's Natalie).

I love books. I love them. I don't care that people look at me weird when I tell them that never in my life has my family had any form of television aside from VHS tapes and DVDs, because look at what I get. I get more books in my own house than I could ever dream of being able to read. While I was putting away books in the living room, I started looking at some of them, particularly ones in the religion and philosophy sections, and I have this hunger to read them all. So for the next four months while I'm home, I'm going to read as much as I can.

These is our living room bookshelves. The whole section on the far left is all philosophy and the top three shelves in the middle left are History with the bottom one being art books. The far right shelves are religion and literature are the four middle right shelves.

Paper backs in the family room

About fifteen boxes of books that have yet to be unpacked. I'm not really convinced they'll all fit on that bookshelf.

Most of my books (on my old bookshelf that's being kept in my closet to make room for one of the bigger, better bookshelves from the garage.) Granted, the top shelf is just DVDs and some of my journals, I still have a lot of books. Plus a couple boxes of them.

I should be reading instead of blogging.

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Shalee Clark said...

That is me and Travis' plan. We have a room in our house we are building, ( we already bought the plans) just for books.
We both love to read. Different things of course. He loves the war novels and I like my fantasy/ whatever genre. :D