Monday, January 19, 2009

Kittens. They're here!

After waiting a week, I have my two foster kittens! I've got two three month old kittens, a brother and sister. They're pretty skittish and not super social (with people, at least. They adore each other) because they're feral, which means they were born in the wild and need to be domesticated. They're doing pretty well and they're warming up to me more and more as time passes (it's only been a day) and I adore them.

The grey one is Mallomar (the boy) and the black and white one is Cupcake (the girl). Cupcake has what the cat woman calls a curly tail. It looks like a stub, but really her tail is just twisted around so it looks like a big ball of fluff. It looks extra funny when she runs around my room.

My job with these kittens is to socialize them as much as I can so they become used to people and are desirable for adoption. Since they're feral, this will be a little bit more difficult than if they were domestic. Either way, I'm confident I can socialize them well. My younger brothers constantly have their friends over asking to come into my room to visit with them. Ava (my niece) came over earlier tonight and she got to hold them. She was SO excited!

Earlier today I woke up from a nap and peeked under my dresser (a popular hide out) a the kittens. Only Cupcake was under there, so I assumed Mallomar was in the bathroom hiding behind the toilet (another favorite napping spot). He wasn't there. I thought that was a bit odd, so I started checking all the places in my room in which a little kitten could squeeze but to no avail. Mallomar was nowhere to be found. I went and got my mother, frantic because I had lost a kitten that I don't own. She came into my room and we looked in all the corners and under every piece of furniture. I checked in the closet, even though I've kept the door shut all while I've had the kittens. I honestly was about to cry because I had no idea where this kitten could have gone yet I couldn't find him anywhere. Then I saw he very tips of two fuzzy grey ears sticking up being the books on my short bookcase. Apparently he'd squeezed himself up and over the books and fell asleep behind them, well out of sight. It was a big relief. Now the two of them sleep back there all the time. I think the fact that my laptop charger is back there and it's usually pretty warm has something to do with it...

Ava holding Cupcake

Mallomar hanging around the dresser, waiting for Cupcake to come out and play.

Sleepy kittens, hiding behind the books.


Shalee- Be Speechless said...

awe kitties and books go so well together.

Like I LOVE going to old second hand book stores because they usually have cats running around the joint! Oh I love it!

miriam said...

poor cupcake. looks like ava's doing all she can to make those kittens NOT like people.

jewel said...

So cute, hope your not getting to scratched up. Can you post a photo of the curly tail? I don't think I've ever seen one of those.