Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pottery Barn Bedroom

For the past two or three years for Christmas I've gotten items for my bedroom. I got a chair, a coffee table, a mesquito net for my bed, and a full length mirror. I've gathered several things of the same shade of green, like a box and a rug as well as a couple things I've painted. Along with the green is the tan of my chair and my bed spread and the black accents I added to the things I painted and the mirror I got.

Now that we've moved out and back in I've had the opportunity to rearrange my room and make it into a bedroom much better than the one I had dreamed of when I started requesting those things for Christmas. My mom allowed me to have a short bookshelf that is black and goes perfectly with my room. That is a bookshelf as well as a desk, since I now have my harp stool to sit on. All around, I'm very pleased with the outcome of my bedroom. It's not finished, since I have things to go on the walls and a couple things I'd like to add, but it's coming together.

Pretty good, eh?


The New Hampshire Transplant said...

i love that the GIANT picture frame of the pictures of college is right on your way out of the door. you get to see your BFFs every time you leave!

christinnjon said...

Very nice room! Looks very comfortable - homey even. It's a very nice sized room.
Just thought I'd stop in and say hello, from SITS! :)

B said...

Totally adorable. Looks so cozy.

jewel said...

It's looking great, keep up the good work.