Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boy or Man?

I've come to realize that in the world of girls liking guys, we tend to say to each other, "I like a boy". At least that's what is said among my girlfriends. Now that we're at the college age and the age range of guys that we find ourselves attracted to is broader, how do we know when to refer to a guy as a boy or a man? In truth, they're all boys. My father is still a boy at heart. But when you're talking about someone you like, I always get this childish image in my head when someone says, "I like a boy." It doesn't even matter.

Straight up, I like a boy (a manboy...?). He likes me. We discovered this last night. I leave California on Friday morning. Perfect timing. Not.

Oh, Brad.

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belles said...

I completely understand the man or boy dilemma. I have settled on "guy". Because I'm not comfortable saying I'm going on a date with a MAN. Nor am I comfortable with a guy hearing that I called him a "boy". Might be ego-busting (not in a good way) or something. Gah!