Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I went grocery shopping with my sister and her two kids today and somehow we got to talking about our parents. You know, we have the best parents ever. Yeah, I know you probably think you're parents are the best parents ever, but that's sort of a given. However, if you knew my parents and everything they've done for us as their children, you'd have to agree. They're the best parents ever.

My father is the most handsome, most intelligent, most kind man I have ever known. He is hard working and hilarious. He has a gentleness about him and he really cares about the people he comes in contact with. He's taught me to love reading and the outdoors and even vegetables (did I mention he's also the most healthy person I know?). He is spiritual and truely a man of God. he's shown me how to love the Gospel with all my heart. People say that daughters marry men who are like their dad. All I can think is, "Dude. I am so lucky."

My mother has become one of my very best friends, one of my closest confidents. Since going to college and experiencing all of the more grown up things that have happened, I've found that even when my closest friends fail to be there, my mom is always there to help me out. She's taught me how to care for children and how to handle their needs. Essentially she's prepared me to become a wonderful wife and mother sometime down the road. She's taught me to love learning and to strive to gain as much education as possible. She's taught me what real cooking is. None of that casserole nonsense...

Together my parents have been the greatest example of love and companionship in a marriage that I've ever seen. I love that when I'm around them, I just know how much they're still in love. It's a beautiful thing to see.

I am so lucky.

Mom and Dad, I love you.

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