Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cupcake Pops

For quite a long time now I've been following the Bakerella Blog closely. I love everything she does. She's so cute and she does everything so well!

The things she makes make me want to get into the kitchen and do it, too. Lately I've made a couple items from her blog (I feel like a copy cat) and I'm very pleased with how they've turned out. First I made some Valentine's Day sandwich cookies that were over baked the first time around, but the second time I nailed it. I cut the baking time in half, since our new ovens are super ovens, and they were perfect and soft. The cream cheese frosting is one that's not too rich for me. I'm a bit picky with my cream cheese frosting...but this recipe I really like. These are really simple and wonderful treats. I recommend them.

This past week I tried another treat I've been dying to make; the Cupcake Pop. What it is is a cake crumbled into a bowl and mixed with frosting them formed into balls (or cupcake shapes with the help of little flower cookie cutters), stuck on lollipop sticks and dipped in candy coating. I made them for James' Blue and Gold scout cake contest. The theme was patriotic, so we stuck with the red white and blue colors. They turned out delicious.

My bakerella baking goal for this week: 14 Layer Cake. It looks amazing.

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Brock said...

bahaha you WOULD blog about cooking, you budding chef.

i'm TOTALLY new to blogging and don't really know what i'm doing, but i'll get the hang of it!

and yes, it's been TOO LONG :/