Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 1: An introduction

I've seen other people do this and it seems like a pretty fun idea.  Plus, I need a few reasons to blog.  I've been a lazy blogger.  I mean, blogging about Ikea shopping carts?  Really, Amanda?  So without further ado, an introduction to me:

My name is Amanda.  I was homeschooled for 8 years but managed to not end up with any socialization issues.  I've completed two years of college and changed my major five times.  I went to culinary school.  I've been skydiving and loved it.  I have a bucket list.  I'm obsessed with cats.  And penguins.  I write in my journal too much, watch too much TV, and spend too much money on books for my kindle app just so I can read whatever I want whenever I want.  I play more solitaire than should be allowed.

I'm driven by passion for life, learning, and love.  I fear spiders more than almost anything.  If I don't paint my nails, I'll bite them.  I'm short and I like to dye my hair.  I really enjoy coconuts.  When I think about things too much, Carpe Diem creeps into my mind and I usually end up doing something reckless, but often the result is satisfying, or I at least learn a big lesson from it.

I'm a glutton for sleep.  The end.

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Michelle said...

I do this! Yay! And I play WAY too much Solitaire too... like always. And always before I go to sleep.