Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ward Halloween Parrrtay

This is supposed to be Hermione and Luna battling Bellatrix Lestrange, but I think I look too terrified...

The Harry Potter-ites!

We are Chapman 468! The roooomies

L to R: Shelly, Kelli, and Shalee!

Amanda and Heather (aka Hermione and Luna)...the coolest roommates to ever attend BYU-Idaho

This is our dear friend, Eryn. She dressed up as a little girl playing dress up.

This is Amy, she's in our FHE group and she is cousins with the Bennets from Moorpark. She's pretty much awesome!

Me carving a was a slow process

This is the other Matt. He directs the ward choir and since I'm the ward music chairperson, we end up talking a lot. He's a funny kid!

He's also an incredible flirt

At one point, Heather said we almost had a ncmo at the ward halloween party! Probably because he twisted my inviting him to our apartment to help me download something into something terribly suggestive. Scandelous!

Tonight was the ward Halloween party! Heather and I were very very excited to put on our costumes and go all dressed up. Unfortunately, when we went to pick up Belle costume from the theater costume shop, they'd already rented it out for the weekend! I was really seriously, when we found the dress we asked if we could put it on hold or something and the woman asured us no one would rent it.

And someone did.


Oh well, it'll be back on Monday!

Heather and I dressed up a Hermione an Luna from Harry Potter instead. It was a pretty big hit and everyone loved it. We even went to our Book of Mormon class all dressed up! It was pretty sweet.

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miriam said...

too bad about belle. so where's the rm?