Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can't sleep

My task for the next couple of weeks is to perfect a pretty fancy arrangement of O My Father on the piano. I found it in a piano book in our piano bench and I suspect it's Aaron's book that he's neglected to play from. The arrangement is something I would have groaned over if I had been asked to play it back when I was taking piano. However, since then I've gotten much better at sight reading (thank you, Michelle) and am now able to better sit down and play. Although I don't know the arrangement, I know the hymn, so it's not too difficult. Since I can't play the harp, with my being at college half the year, it's nice to pick up piano again. I love music.

Linnea came over tonight and we ate ice cream sundaes and had a girls night. She's been having a tough week, with Tim's cancer and breaking up (though we don't know if it was him who wanted to break up or him just going crazy because of some infection in his brain. scary, I know) and I just haven't really sat down with a girl and just talked since coming home. It was nice for the both of us. She's done a lot of growing up since leaving for college, as have I. It's nice to have someone who's sort of on the same level of seriousness balanced with fun and silliness as I am.

What would also be nice is falling asleep earlier.

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