Monday, February 9, 2009

Kittens: My children

My sister told me that I talk about the kittens as if they're my children. Around the dinner table Miriam tells us funny stories of things Ava did and said during the week and I take my turn to tell about something crazy the two kittens did. It's true, I talk about them as if they're my children.

I suppose this is due to the fact that not much else is going on in my life. I spend a great deal of time in my bedroom doing an assortment of things, but the kittens are always around. Oh, as a side note, one of them (Mallomar) was adopted a week ago and now I have a new one, Marshmellow. She's the third from that litter and is the most gorgeous kitten I've ever seen.

On Saturday night my older brother and I had some friends over to watch a movie and play games (Curses. SO fun.) During the party the kittens managed to pull the panel off the wall opposite the bathtub that's there to allow access to the pipes. I bet they didn't know there would be a big opening behind the panel, but once it cmae off they discovered this hole and the bathtub, behind which they could hide and I couldn't get them. It took forever that night to lure them out of hiding. I did it, though. Now the panel is duct tapped to the wall. They're upset.

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