Sunday, April 5, 2009


Being able to attend the two morning sessions of General Conference was super cool. And the speakers were amazing! Elder Holland? Outstanding. I loved it. I want to try to go to Conference every time I get the chance. It's an awesome experience.

Having Aaron come with me to Utah was a great idea. He kept me busy and laughing during the trip up. We got to talking so much at one point, I missed the 15 and drove all the way past Redlands before I realized my mistake. We didn't fight once. Not a single time. Amazing! I love that kid. He's so grown up now. He's a babe, too. Once he turns sixteen next summer, the girls will be flocking.

It's been an awesome weekend.


Melissa said...

I got to see you!!!! yay! :)

Hernan said...

What??? And you didn't tell me? What? i was there.