Friday, April 10, 2009

New Hampshire

This wasn't really my first visit to the east coast, but it was the first time I really got out and about and experienced it.

I arrived in New Hampshire on Tuesday evening and was greeted at the airport by Eryn, Heather, and little Heather (Eryn's cousin). They had told me they were caught in traffic and would be about an hour late, so I was super surprised to see them watching me when I walked out of the airport. They lied.

On Wednesday we were planning on going to Boston to visit some museums and to see the sights, but we ended up sleeping in late. It's taking me some time to adjust to the time changed, especially because I was staying up so late at home. Sometimes I'd be getting home and going to bed just as Eryn was getting up to go babysit...crazy. Time zones blow my mind. Back on topic...We ended up going to Concord to get Eryn's windshield replaced and there was a whole fiasco there, so it took way longer than planed. But that's okay, we had walked over to Goodwill to look around and I found Hercules on VHS, so I bought it. I've been looking for that for forever. Eryn and I fixed the VCR in the windshield place and then we watched our video. Right as it ended, they finished the car.

From Concord we went directly to babysit the kids Eryn has been working with for the past four months. Those kids are adorable. Seriously, she is totally in the right when she talks about them nonstop. So cute.

After babysitting we went back to Eryn's and had cake in honor of Eryn's birthday last Sunday. Then she packed and Heather and I looked at pictures.

That's pretty much my trip to New Hampshire. It was gorgeous and full of trees. I love the old houses and the little towns. The white churches (every town has one, if nothing else) are beautiful, but they creep me out just a little bit. I don't know why.

But yes. I liked it. It wasn't home, but it was nice to visit.

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