Sunday, April 26, 2009

What is this? So much fun? Already?

So. It's my second Sunday here in Rexburg. We've had one week of school. One full weekend together as roommates and everything. It's been a fantastic week with classes and I kicked off an awesome weekend with girls night with my roommates and a couple of their friends. We went out to sushi and then went and saw 17 Again at the Rex. Yes, we spent our Friday night oogling over Zac Efron's beauty. I had only seen him in Hairspray before, so it was kind of a new experience for me. I've joined the fan club.

Even before the whole girls night the weekend was off to a great start. First, I went out to lunch with a guy from back home. Like, he asked me out to lunch. A date. On the first Friday. Pretty awesome, not going to lie. And Saturday? The same guy went swing dancing with me. And then we watched Iron Man together that afternoon. And then I went on a date with my good friend Kyle. I asked him on this one, but it was still so fun. We went to Eryn's apartment and made ice cream sundaes and did finger painting. We actually got there after everyone else had finished the ice cream and paint deal, so we did it on our own. I'm not neccessarily sure that was a good idea, because it developed into a huge paint war, but it was fun. Messy and up my nose, but very fun.

So yeah. Two dates in the first weekend. I don't know how that happened. Weird...

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belles said...

Good job. For serious. :) I don't get dates, I just get boyfriends, it's weird :)