Thursday, April 23, 2009


I noticed this past week that, even though I have a ton of roadtrip stuff to blog about, I seem to lack the motivation needed to to it. This is probably because the trip was so massive that I don't even want to start thinking about recounting all the events that took place. And on top of that, I'm four days into the new semester. Since I have school on the brain, I might as well skip the roadtrip (for now) and continue on to my first week back in Rexburg.

For starters, the weather has been gorgeous. It was nice to drive through Provo, have snow dumped on us continually there, only to arrive in a sunny warm Rexburg. There not being snow on the ground (or in the air) made moving in to my new apartment pleasant. I switched to a first floor apartment and I don't think I will ever miss walking up the stairs multipul times a day to get to the third floor. It's wonderful. I have all new roommates, something I was totally nervous and apprehensive about. However, things have worked out wonderfully and I adore them all (except for the korean one, but that's just because I haven't gotten to know her yet.)

My classes this semester are awesome. I've been to all of them twice so far and I've got a pretty good idea of what they're all like. I start my week off with my Intro to Spanish Lit class, which has proven to be a bit difficult after having had four months of no Spanish class. However, I'm super excited about it. My professor has an extreme passion for literature and that already has made me overly pumped about the class. Then comes weight training. We haven't done much, we've just talked about a few of the weight machines and yesterday we got to see what's the max we can leg press and bench press (110! Never benched before. I'm stoked), but over all, I'm excited. Yesterday I even went to the gym for an hour and did a cardio work out to build up my endurance. Later in the day I have Intro to Cultural Anthropology followed by D&C. Anthropology is the one class I'm not sure about yet. It's the first time my professor has taught this class and he doesn't have a syllabus yet. It'll be interesting, that's for sure. And D&C. I love it already. Not only is Brother Baron an awesome teacher and engages the whole class, we're only one section into the book and I'm learning a ton of things I always had overlooked when reading it before.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my easy days. I start with Standard Ballroom International (Bronze Level) at 7:45 followed directly by Latin International (Bronze Level). These two classes have the same teacher and are completely different. I'm so excited to further my knowledge and skill and technique in dance, you have no idea. So stoked. After those two classes I have my Modern American Lit class (in the same building. Convenient) and I love my professor. He is hilarious. That class has a TON of reading involved in it, but I love it. We've started A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and even though we're just about 100 pages in, I adore the book completely. It's very entertaining, I reccomend it.

That's my week. It's pretty simple, but the classes I have keep me very, very busy. I'm excited for them all. Having the desire to be in class and to do the homework required makes such a difference.

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Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear school is going well for you so far! I do miss rexburg! Have fun!!!!