Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy again

After a few days of feeling completely depressed, what I needed came to me.
I talked with mom on the phone yesterday and she encouraged me to exercise, something I don't do too often because I normally don't enjoy it. But she said that at the very least, I needed to do this one thing.
Also, in my psychology class my teacher also touched on exercise as a way to reieve stress and he went on to talk about all the other things exercise helps. Later in class my teacher taught us how to relax our whole bodies in a way similar to when he hypnotized us.
After class, with all my homework done and my classes done for the week, I went home and went down to the fitness room and spent some time on the treadmil (after making sure I'd used my inhalers and brought enough water with me). I came home, ate a good lunch, relaxed myself the way I was taught, and took an hour and a half nap.

I feel great.

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