Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Weekend Time

This past weekend may have been one of the most fun weekends of my life. Carly flew into Salt Lake on Sunday, so we figured it would be an ideal weekend to spend in Utah.
On Friday afternoon Heather, Randi, Kristy, and I packed up and headed towards Logan, UT to meet up with Heather's relatives for dinner. We had been invited to do baptisms with her family, but we ended up not because of time and female issues. We took some pictures outside the temple and enjoyed some Aggie ice cream while waiting for dinner (the Blue Bird cafe. really tasty!).
Friday night was spent in Bern, ID at Heather's grandparents house. Bern has about 126 people living there and it's pretty awesome. Not really somewhere I'd like to live right now, but maybe when I retire. The four of us slept in the trailer outside and we laughed up a storm. It was amazing. I love those girls!
Saturday, after spending hours fourwheeling all around Bern stealing street signs that had fallen over and been replaced with new ones, we drove to Salt Lake (driving through Logan is a lot prettier than driving the 15 all the way from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake) and checked into our hotel, The Metropolitan Inn on West Temple. It was pretty snazzy. We went out to the pool because it was so hot and after driving so much we all felt disgusting, but the water felt gooood! Afterwards we went over to Randi's friends house and her parents fed us dinner and dessert, even though it was past 11. They were a really nice family with a fantastic house. Loads of fun there, followed by hours of just driving around Salt Lake after midnight just looking at things, taking pictures, and waving at groups of guys (who blew us kisses). Another night of giggles. Lots of fun.
We spent Sunday walking around temple square. We took a tour of the Conference center and we sat in the tabernacle for a while. We watched the Joseph Smith video and all bawled like babies and listened to the Christus twice in the visitor's center. It was really a good day. It was terribly hot and Heather got dehydrated, but it was still a really good day. To top it off, we picked up Carly from the airport and stopped in Preston, ID for the night at Heather's Uncle Rod's house. This was my fourth time seeing Uncle Rod and he's awesome. He has an elk farm. It's really really cool. We got to go see the elk in the morning before heading back to Rexburg. There were a bunch of babies and the bull's antlers were fuzzy this time (they weren't in the Fall when Heather and I visited). Then we drove home. It was a fun drive.

Over all, a fantastic weekend. I loved it.

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