Friday, June 6, 2008

Pretty sure I'm not prego...

Pregnancy dreams. What do they mean when you're not pregnant or could even possibly be pregnant?

The first time I was pregnant and I could actually feel the baby moving inside me. I was married to the father, but apparently I wasn't supposed to have gotten pregnant because the marriage was just temporary.

The second time I wasn't pregnant; Mom gave me a toddler for Easter (she also gave one to Miriam, but for some reason Miriam didn't want to keep hers). He had curly blonde hair and clung to me around the neck when I held him. He liked it when I sang him to sleep.

Third time around I pregnant and I was with Mom, Miriam, and Ryan in our old house in Agoura. We were sitting on the couch and my water broke. Mom delivered a baby boy right there on the family room floor. Miriam invited Ryan to come watch, but he stood off to the side looking mortified. The baby, I named him Isaac, was nearly blad except for a little bit of blonde fuzz on his head, and he was perfect. I carried him everywhere. I don't remember anything about who the father was.

Last night I dreamed that I was back at my high school graduation, except it wasn't my graduation, it was Katie and Carly's. I didn't realize that I was severely pregnant until a mutual friend of mine and Sam's came over to tell me that Sam's parents knew I was pregnant. I remember asking, "Did he tell them that he is the father?" Yep. He told them. They banned him from talking to me from June 10th to July 18th (which is the day I come home from school. In my dream, I was also due this day). I was really upset.

I'm not pregnant.
What do these mean?


bird said...

i ddidn't want my toddle because i already have one. but i do want taco. she looks cute. if you see her again and she really is homeless, you can bring her home and i'll take care of her.

Erica said...

I've had dreams where I have a baby. I remember this one dream vividly where I was trying to breast feed my daughter and had no idea how so I sat in a quiet room and just stared at her.

She was really beautiful and kept looking at me too.