Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mr. Computer Man, be mine

Over the past few months, my computer has had several problems. I had to restore my hard drive back in April and it just hasn't functioned properly since.

Yesterday it crashed completely. I had to restore the hard drive again, losing all of my documents from this past semester (though the later portion are saved in my email on account of my microsoft word giving out. I resorted to using notepad for the typing and Heather's computer for formating and printing on word). I had the hard drive restored and was ready to go out and buy a terribly expensive anti-virus program to install when I was told they'd install one for free in the Computer Help center in the library.

I went.

The man named James installed all the updates my computer needed (47) and he installed the anti virus program after getting rid of the trial version of Norton that I had on here already. He did everything quickly and efficiently and he even joked around with me for a while.

I think I need to marry him, just so he can always be around to fix my computer. It would be handy.


Heather said...

james the computer man was very nice.

AND he (and the other guy) fixed lloyd.


he's a keeper.

bird said...

i encourage you to marry james. then i could use him too.