Saturday, June 7, 2008


Tonight, after Guitars Unplugged, Heather, Randi, and I went to Backyard to get some ice cream (also to see Tim, Heather's new chico). When we were walking up to the place, we came across a little cat (between the stages of kittin and cat. Madeline size) wandering around. She came immediately when I crouched down and called to her. She purred and let us hold her and scratch her head. I fell in love. Instantly.

After taking pictures, we put the cat down and waved goodbye while we went inside to eat our ice cream.

However, when we had finished and were leaving, the little cat ran over to us again. She let me pick her up and snuggle her half way down the block. I decided to put her down before we crossedthe street, but I really really didn't want to. So we devised a plan to sneak her past the cameras in the stairwell of our apartment complex and up into my room. We happened to have a blanket from Guitars Unplugged, since we sat on the floor of the gym, so when we got to our apartment complex Randi wrapped me and the cat (who Randi named Taco on our walk back) up and we raced up the stairs to our third floor apartment and back into my bedroom.

Taco took a few minutes to get adjusted and then she demanded attention. She purred up a storm and nudged my hands if I ever stopped paying full attention to her. I fell in love with her. Again.

Heather and Randi went out into the living room to chat with Neils, our FHE brother who played in Guitars Unplugged, and I was left in my room with Taco. She fell asleep on my lap while I listened to Ingrid Michaelson and talked to people on facebook.

Eventually we took her back to Backyard, since we suspect she's someone's pet (we also didn't want to keep her over night only to have her start yowling at three in the morning).

I miss Taco. I miss Buckle too.

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