Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I have two more finals. They're kicking my trash. I've even given in and used that phrase even though I detest is because of it's complete Mormonish-ness.
I didn't drive to Montana with Heather and Randi last night because I needed to study. I stayed in and studied for hours.
I'm stressed out of my mind about my Spanish final. It's 1000 points. A third of my grade. It would make or break me in this class. I'm confident in what I've learned and what I've studied...but then I remember how huge it is and how many different verb conjegations there are and I cringe. Tomorrow at 10:15 I will commence the test of death.

On top of that we had white glove today. From the moment I woke up to half an hour before our check at 7 PM (with the exception of when I went to my Book of Mormon class) I was up to my elbows in cleaning supplies. I think I got high from scrubbing the tub and the toilet (even with the door open). My asthma is going insane, probably from all the chemicals now absorbed into my lungs.

After tomorrow, it'll all be over. I'll be free. And I'm celebrating by bowling at the Rex and baking cookies for Kyle.

I can't wait.

Now I'm off to study more for spanish and psychology. Wish me luck

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