Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where is the stress?

Only nine days left until I leave for home.
Five more days of class. Shouldn't I feel a bit more stressed than I am? I'm finishing two classes this week. I have a dance competition on Saturday, which is as big as a final. The only class I don't have a final in is Book of Mormon, but all my other classes should have me stressed. I also have to pack up my room and move everything over to Megans room the night before I leave. I really should be getting these things done.

Last week we had a three day weekend, which we started early on Thursday (skipped on class) by heading to Island Park to camp and go boating. It was me, Randi, and Heather along with our FHE brother Max and his two buddies, Brad and Jordan (who we all call Lamkin) from the army.

Despite being incapable of setting up the tent on their own, they did come in handy out on the boat. Lamkin, Max, and I went for a run out on the tube.

The boat turned really sharp and then we saw the canoe...we were heading straight for it. The three of us bailed off but the people in the canoe stood up when our wake hit them and they over turned. Immediately all three army boys were in the water helping to turn it back over.

After that Lamkin, Max, Brad, and Randi all went out on the wakeboard. I'd go, but I've done it in the past and I'm not too fond of it. Maybe another time.

Lamkin brought his camera, so we got some sweet pictures

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