Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Being home means I live in my sweatpants, I eat the fruit from the kitchen without worrying about how much I paid for it (because I didn't pay for it), and I spend hours on Facebook talking to my roommates. It also means that I get about 150% more sunshine than I ever got in Rexburg. I have color in my skin. More on my left arm than on my right, but still.
I went to go see The Dark Knight last night with Sam and his friend Jordan. I arrived at the theater about 25 minutes before, got my ticket, and waited for the boys. By the time they got there, fifteen minutes later, the movie was sold out. Lucky for them, I was able to trade my 8 o'clock ticket in for the 9:50 show and we went off to Denny's. Sam and his friends have some strange obsession with Denny's. They go there all the time and get massive amounts of pancakes, even if they can't eat them all. Sam made a club out of one of his french fries with the aid of the toothpick from his sandwich. Why am I even friends with him? I ask myself this constantly.
So the Dark Knight. It was awesome. Ledger's performance was amazing and haunting and disturbing but so good you can't help but like it. I'm not fond of Maggie whatshername who replaced Katie Holms as Rachel, but I wasn't a Katie fan either. I nearly bit all my finger nails off, but I managed to keep them in tact. Overall, it was fantastic. Probably better than Ironman. A lot. I think I'll see it again.

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