Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm a big girl now

During Fall semester last year Heather and I fantasized about getting our own house here in Rexburg and moving out of the dorms. We discovered that you had to have an RA live with you and it would be too difficult to get it approved, so we let the dream die.
The rules for approved housing have changed.

After going out to dinner with Heather and Randi and seeing a house across the street that was for sale, Heather and I decided to go around and look at the houses that were for sale to take down the numbers and just get some info. We did. We even got th info for the house across from the pizza place we ate at, even though it looked like it would be way too expensive.

We found out that this house isn't over priced, it's getting pretty much all things new inside, and it's got four large sized bedrooms plus a study/office. After talking with Heather's dad, who would be purchasing the house, it appears that we might actually do it. We've gone to see the house twice, once to just check it out and a second time to take pictures.

We're going to the housing office tomorrow to see if it would be possible for us to get this house approved by BYU-I. If that happens, we're 90% sure we'll be living there. We're all so stoked. Out of our minds.

I feel so grown up. Heather doesn't like interacting with people very much so I've been taking charge of details and questions and such. It's a really good feeling.

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bird said...

you may buy your first house before me! sad.