Thursday, July 31, 2008

Neopolitan ice cream

Neopolitan ice cream might now be my favorite. It's really tasty.

Working with the boys has been a bit of a challenge lately. They're hard to deal with and they're constantly being defiant and bickering with each other. Today, after a talk with Mom yesterday, things seemed to go a bit smoother. They boys and I went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth (in 3D!) and they really enjoyed it. It was kind of silly, but entertaining enough. And, I have to admit, if I were fifteen I'd have the biggest crush on Josh Hutcherson. He's adorable.

We made a list of things to do this summer. Among those things are going to Medieval times (Sam was thrilled that we're going and might come along) and creating our own super hero costumes with the aid of Joann's fabrics (I'm really excited for this one). This summer has potential to be one of the best, at least when it comes to spending time with the boys.

Away from the homefront, I'm not winning all my battles. But I'm surviving and that's what counts. Any relationship I had with Sam is now just a friendship and I'm perfectly okay with that. In fact, I'd rather it be this way. It's more comfortable.

Me and my friend Kyle at our dance competition.
I miss Idaho.

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Michael Ross said...

cute picture! i miss seeing your smiling face in person ):