Wednesday, October 1, 2008

50 Cosas

I'm following a trend, thanks to Randi and Heather.

1. I love cats. If I had to choose between a cat and a dog, I would almost always choose a cat (unless the cat were really unattractive. I'm shallow that way).

2. Sometimes I feel like Cinderella when people ask me to borrow a pair of my shoes. I have lots of shoes and they're all really cute and I wouldn't mind if someone borrowed a pair. However, my feet are tiny. No one ever fits into my shoes so no one borrows them.

3. I'm not sure why or when this came on, but I'm drawn to any article of clothing that is green. I absolutely adore green clothes. Sometimes it looks like I'm growing grass in my closet...or something.

4. I find it fascinating that snow sparkles. My Californian nativeness shows through.

5. I like having a lot of siblings, but I really like that there are only two girls. The two of us are very close with our mother and we get to have lunches together and they get to come visit me. It wouldn't be so special if there were more of us.

6. I sleep on my stomach. I don't know why, but if I don't sleep on my stomach, I don't sleep soundly.

7. I can't sleep if the door is open. I hate having the door open. I also don't like lights. I like it to be as dark as possible when I sleep.

8. I've always been a fan of the Dodgers, by default, but this past season I got really into it. I love baseball. I really really love baseball. And the Dodgers.

9. I LOVE spanish. I love listening to it and learning it and speaking it and everything about it. I just wish I had better ability to speak...

10. Am I really only on ten? Lame. I've recently discovered that I like dresses. A lot. I really like pretty dresses. They're so much better than skirts.

11. I don't like sharing a room. I like having my room be the place I can retreat to when I need some time to myself. It's a safety zone and I want it to be mine.

12. I can't stand when someone is upset with me. It's kind of a bad thing because then I end up letting people walk all over me or I bend over backwards to make them comfortable when that tears me apart just as much as having them be upset with me. It's weird, I know.

13. Lee Pace and John Cusack. My celebrity crushes. I'd marry either in a heartbeat.

14. I never hit the snooze button. Ever. It's the button of death.

15. If I'm going to do something that scares me or makes me nervous, I will allow myself to backdown until I tell myself that I'm doing it. Once I've told myself this, backing down is no longer an option.

16. I played the harp for over five years. I still love it and want to continue, but life in college and with the BYU-Idaho track system, it's not really something that would work out. This makes me really sad.

17. I admit it, I played with Barbies until I was thirteen. I had an obscene amount of dolls, clothes, shoes, and kitchen appliances.

18. I have white hair. My purple hair is no longer purple. It's white and I kind of like it...

19. I like dancing. Ballroom and latin. I enjoy it all. I'm also very proud of my hip action when I dance the cha cha.

20. I own a guitar but I don't play. Someone needs to teach me...

21. I've discovered that when I'm really nervous and standing in high heels, my knee caps moves. A lot. It's weird and it makes me wonder if people are looking at my knees and if they can see my knee cap jumping up and down.

22. Caesar Salad or wraps or anything like that is my favorite. I love it. A lot.

23. You know the Twilight books? I've read them all, some of them several times. I hate those books. I can't stand those books. Honestly, what is the big deal with those books? They're not written well and the characters are beyond annoying.

24. I like to paint my nails with several coats of nail polish...and then peel it off the next day. What a waste.

25. I like to sleep with heavy blankets. Really heavy blankets. If it's thin or light, I don't feel secure and sleepy.

27. Back when I was younger (probably around twelve. Sometime near the Adam days) I decided I really loved penguins. I don't love them as much as I did, but I've kept all my penguin stuffed animals. I think I have close to twenty. Maybe more. I love them.

28. In high school I used to wear my beach sarongs over my jeans. I thought it was really trendy. I'm afraid I was wrong.

29. Pretty much all my dark looks dark eyes, dark hair, thick eyebrows, things like that) come from my italian heritage.

30. I love acting. I've been in countless plays as countless types of characters. I've mastered a cockney accent, a posh british accent, and a new york accent (while speaking shakespeare). I've played everything from a man, Nick Bottom, in mid summer night's dream to a doremouse in The Wizard from Wonderland. I love it. And Onstage kissing isn't as hard as I thought it would be.

31. I am exactly five foot two. I like it. I can wear four inch heels and I'm still shorter than most guys. I don't have to duck when walking by the tree on the sidewalk next to Heritage Manor. Life is good.

32. Out of my public school years, I only have three yearbooks. From my sophomore to senior years in high school, I got into the yearbook around ten times. I'm proud of this. It's exciting.

33. Before my parents sent me to Spain the summer before my senior year, I was terrified of doing things without someone there with me. I didn't really want to go. In fact, I threw fits and I cried and screamed and cried some more about having to go. Going was one of the best things I've ever done. It's really shaped me to be the person I am today.

34. I like chips and salsa, but I'm not big on the chunks of salsa. I'd rather just dip the chip in enough to get covered in the juice then just eat that. I don't know why.

35. I adore cooking. I love it when my mom has me make dinner or help out and there's some instruction I don't understand and she tells me what it means and she tells me how to do it just right. Working with my mother in the kitchen is what has motivated me to work towards culinary school.

36. I bought some red jelly shoes at Ross, because they were cheap and pretty cute and really of comfortable. I have fallen in love with them. I would wear them everywhere if they weren't falling apart already...

37. If I weren't going to have a family and be a stay at home mother, I'd definitely put in the time and work to major in Forensic Anthropology. That would be BOMB.

38. I have very strong opinions regarding love and relationships and such. Because of this I become easily sickened by silly couples. I think I judge too harshly when two people who are dating tell each other they love each other. Sometimes I think that it's not my place to say if they're in love or not, but really, I secretly always think I know if they are or not.

39. I love writing in my journal. It's like an obsession...or an addiction. I'm almost done with my 21st journal. I hope one day to publish them and be the next hit teen novelist. Then I think about the things I've written and I wonder if I want to follow through with that death wish. I write about ridiculous things (everything).

40. I like costumes and Halloween and Fall and hot apple cider. To me, all these things fit hand in hand, like they're best friends. I'm so excited for this time of year.

41. The most rebelious things I've brought myself to actually do would be dying part of my hair purple and riding on a motorcycle. They're not big things, but for me they're pretty huge. I like being obedient.

42. I cannot wait to be a mother. Sometimes when I see little children I want to find the nearest single, temple worthy guy and drag him to the Rexburg temple and marry him. I want a family. It's exciting!

43. In a sort of weird way, I look forward to fire season in California. I love the smell that's in the air and the eerie look of the smoke covering the sun.

44. Although I find Idaho to be rather bland and boring, I love Rexburg and BYU-Idaho. I think people under estimate what an awesome school this is. It's on a completely different level than BYU-Provo but it's neither better nor worse. It's smaller so they way things go down is different. I love it so very much.

45. When my 20 year reunion comes around, I hope I have the most children because I want to get a prize or award of some sort. It would be fun. I probably won't even go, but still.

46. I never thought my mom was right when in high school she told me that I'd make my best friends ever in college. Now that I'm here, I've found that she was completely right. The people I've met here are beyond anything I've every had. I love and cherish these friendships so much.

47. My electronics get names. They're almost always male. Lloyd the computer. Bruce the new Hard drive (RIP Lloyd), Jack the Car. Something about these things just seem masculine.

48. When I was around five, my dad wrote me a blank check (he wrote all over the back of it, too, but I still thought I could use it) so I put it in an empty peanut butter jar and burried it in the backyard. Now matter how many times I searched that flower bed, I never found it again.

49. I love scary movies. They terrify me, but I love watching them. It's weird but fun.

50. When I was young I got lost in the grocery store. An employee found me and brought me over to the bakery while they paged my mom over the intercom. I got a cookie with big sprinkles on it. Now when I see those cookies in the bakery, I think of how incredibly tasty that one was and I wish I was young enough to get lost again.

Fifty things about me. =)


Randi Quillon said...

I love this!!! It was fun and I could totally hear you saying each one in my head.


Melissa said...

This was awesome!!! I would do this but I don't think i would have the patience to come up with 50 things about myself! haha!
these 50 things about you are interesting! your pretty cool!