Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Formal

This weekend Heather and Eryn decided to go to Utah. I would have gone with them, but tomorrow I'll be filming that movie I mentioned in a previous post. I gave them the okay to go this week instead of next week, since we want to be in town for Halloween.
I've been getting sick of the past few days, so I planned on staying home tonight to just do homework, watch movies, and OD on orange juice and cold medicine. Instead, I ended up getting asked to go to Fall Formal with Brock Talbot, from the Thousand Oaks 1st ward. He's in my dance class this semester (because I got him to add after the first day, just for fun) and now we're determined to be dancing feinds so we can raid a stake dance when we go home to show off our snazzy moves. Thus far, we're totally kickin'.
Over all, I'm really glad I decided to go to the dance. It was really fun and it was just awesome to get out of the apartment and do something crazy and awesome.

Edit:: Brock has Jimmy Neutron hair. How awesome is that?


Michael Ross said...

you look beautiful — as always!

Shalee Clark said...

oh he's a cutie!