Monday, October 27, 2008

Where's the snow?

With the exception of Mother's Weekend (sorry, Mom and Miriam) we haven't had any snow. It's the last few days of October and the forecast says it'll be up in the 60s all week. What's happening here? This is Rexburg! I feel like I lied to all my friends who have just started here when I told them that it starts snowing in September and doesn't stop until June.

Last year it snowed in September and a few times in October. It finally stuck the weekend I went to Provo (would have been two weekends ago) and we had snow the rest of the semester. I want that again. I want it to be freezing outside. I want to have reason to stay inside and snuggle up with a blanket and hot chocolate to do homework all day. I think I just need more motivation to do my homework...

Edit:: I ODed on halloween candy yesterday. It was awesome. I'm so excited for this week.


Heather Lynne said...

Bahahaha on candy nomming.

And...I want snow to come too plz.

Hernan said...

NOOO you too witches... shut your wishes and bite your tang...

Think about the children!!!!

Halloween supposed to be like it is right now, chilly.

Snow is why I run away from here in Christmas and the reason the word "suffering" was invented


Michael Ross said...

wow, it's even colder here — high 40s all week and WINDY!!!